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Currently there are two types of fun shoots Ready Aim Fire. This is the pole shoot and the pin shoot. Sometimes we will run both types of fun shoots on the same nights, like at our year end holiday party.
Pole Shoot: A pole shoot (or a stake shoot as it is also called) is an event where teams of two shoot at a piece of 4x4 lumber until they cut it in half. We run three teams of two at a time. Then the winnering team goes into the finals. Teams are picked at random. The winning team gets a cash prize.
Pin Shoot: A pin shoot (or a bowling pin shoot) is where each competitor has to shoot 5 bowling pins off a table. Knocking the pin over is not enough, it has to be shot off the table. If it falls over, shoot it again until it is on the ground. Each competitor is timed and the winner gets a cash prize.
Rules and stuff:
    Gun Rules (subject to change):
      No more than 8 rounds to start, no more than 8 rounds in a magazine.
      No larger than .45ACP caliber.
      No optical sights.
      No external compensators.
    Distances are usually 8 to 12 yards.
    Guns may only be loaded on the line.
      Don't come to the line with a loaded gun.
    Observe same safety rules as you would an IDPA or IPSC match.
      If you are unfamiliar with these rules, please ask.