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GSSF (GLOCK Shooting Sports Foundation) provides a sport for people to shoot various GLOCK pistols with all levels of skill. To find out more about GSSF, visit the GSSF website at www.gssfonline.com
Ready Aim Fire began hosting GSSF matches in the summer of 2007 and plans to run two GSSF Match Series a year. A Match Series consists of three matches run once a month for three months. You need to shoot at least two of the matches to qualify. Your final result is the average of your best two matches (out of a possible three).
Not only are the Ready Aim Fire GSSF matches a fun time, but by participating you have a chance at winning a great prize, including a GLOCK pistol. Prizes are drawn at random, so everyone has a chance to win! Check out what great prizes have already been awarded HERE.
Also, typically at one of the matches of each series, a GLOCK representative will be on hand for questions, inspections of GLOCK pistols, or any GLOCK service you may need. He usually makes available some cool GLOCK trinkets, such as pencils, pens, key chains, and even The GLOCK Annual Magazine.
Note: You must be a member of GSSF to participate in the matches. You will be able to join GSSF at Ready Aim Fire on the day of any given match. Match applications are also available at the GSSF Online web site