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Ready Aim Fire - GSSF Match Prize Winners!!

Congratulations to all!

  • GSSF 2009 Winter / Spring Series Prize Winners.
  • Small Frame Glock James McGinty
    Tan Knife Kyle Towne
    Black Knife Pascal Lamarco
    Green Knife Michael Campbell
    Black T shirt Paul Walder
    Grey T shirt Anthony Benedetti
    White T shirt Bucky Pollard
    Camo Hat Joe McGinty
    Camo Hat Dwight Archer
    Camo Hat Gene Zaiss
    Camo Hat Rodolfo Garcia Jr.
    Camo Hat Michael Collins
    The Drawing was held at ReadyAimFire on 4-29-2007 at 7:45pm
    Names were pulled out of a hat by Suzanne Zelley a walk-in customer from Philadelphia Witnesses present were; Gene Zaiss, Joe McGinty, Mark McDermott
  • GSSF Winter 2008 Series Prize Winners.
  • Camo Hat John Tew
    Camo Hat Robert Shwartzkopf
    Camo Hat Scott Wilson
    Camo Hat Anthony Benedetti
    Camo Hat Kevin Baer
    Camo Hat Gerry Corkery
    Black Hat Steve Murza
    Black Hat Tom MacNamara
    Black Hat Sal Baldo
    Black Hat Adam Britt
    Black Hat Bill Beerhalter
    Black Hat Rodolfo Garcia
    White T Mark Braccio
    Grey T Gene Zaiss
    Black T Roger West
    Black Knife Chase Dallura
    Black Knife Brian Rodriguez
    Tan Knife Bucky Pollard
    Glock Ear Muff Dmitry Khodorkovsky
    Gun Mat James Boyle
    Glock Pistol Elizabeth Kline
    Drawing by Bruce Hutchinson
    Witnessed by Joe McGinty & Marty Furey
  • GSSF Summer 2007 Series Prize Winners.
  • GLOCK PISTOL Anthony Benedetti
    Green Knife Tom MacNamara
    Black Knife Joe McGinty
    Tan Knife Bill Borden
    Med Collar Shirt Bob Oswald
    Grey T-Shirt Chase Dallura
    Black T-Shirt Bob Ariyamtr
    White T-Shirt George Sprague
    Gunny Hat Gene Zaiss
    Gunny Hat Dmitry Khodorkovsky
    Gunny Hat Bob Schwartzkopf
    Gunny Hat Myron Pollard
    Gunny Hat James McGinty