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IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) is a form of action pistol shooting that is founded upon equipment and techniques that conform to real life self defense situations. It is well suited for stock type service pistols and revolvers and does not require a lot of high end equipment. To find out more about IDPA and the organization, visit the IDPA website at www.idpa.com
Ready Aim Fire holds a monthly IDPA match on the second Monday of each month. The match runs from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The format is open squadding which mean you can show up, shoot, and leave. Typically shooters can show up and shoot the match twice and be done within an hour. Please show up no later than 8:00 PM so that we can complete the shooting by 9:00.
Equipment needed for the match is as follows: A safe working pistol or revolver. A belt and belt holster that covers the trigger guard and holds the gun near the body. At least 4 speed loaders, moon clips (revolver) or magazines (auto) and holders to hold at least two of them on the belt. Of course if you have them, bring 5 or more as it will help move the match along quicker. (note, even if you have to bring longer, non IDPA legal magazines to meet the minimum, please do so and we'll work with you.) The matches are typically 50 to 60 rounds, so bring a minimum of 75 for each match. If you plan on shooting the match more than once, adjust accordingly. Optionally, if you are planning on shooting in the full spirit of the sport, bring a concealment garment such as a vest, jacket or button down flannel so that you can start each stage in a concealed carry mode.

Safety is a top priority to Ready Aim Fire and the Safety Officers (SO's) who run the IDPA matches. We run a cold range while the match is in progress. Please do not enter the range with a loaded firearm. If you are law enforcement or a CCW holder, please inform the salesman at the counter and they can instruct you where to unload. While in the range you will only load your firearm under the supervision of a Safety Officer. Also, you may only handle your firearm under the supervision of a Safety Officer or at the designated Safe Table. NO AMMO is to be handled at the Safe Area, but you can load magazines, speed loaders, or moon clips anywhere else on the range.

UPDATED 2/14/10: Match Format:
Due to the increased attendance of the match, we have altered the match format. We will continue to try and offer 4 stages of fire. However, the stages will no longer overlap. We will run two shooters, before scoring and taping. The first shooter will shoot stages 1 and 2. The line will remain hot (shooter 1 should reload his magazines at this time). Shooter 2 will then shoot stages 3 and 4. The line will be called clear, and we will score and tape. Next, shooter 1 will shoot stages 3 and 4 (shooter two should be reloading magazines at this time). The line will remain hot, and shooter 2 will now shoot stages 1 and 2. We will call the line clear, then score and tape. If you are not one of the current shooters, please help tape targets. It will move the match much quicker.
The fees to shoot the match are as follows. If you are a member of IDPA and / or a member of Ready Aim Fire, the match fee is $12.00 for the first run and $8.00 for an additional run. Otherwise, the match is $15.00 for the first run and $10.00 for an additional run. Unless turnout is light, we will not be able to offer a third run.
If you've ever considered giving IDPA a try, this is the place. The staff will walk you through every step of the way and not only explain the rules, but will help with tips and suggestions on how to improve. Of course if you are already a serious competitor and do not want any assistance, just advise the SO ahead of time.